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a new era
of travel

Our Mission

At Today, our mission is to foster a sustainable and electric future while ushering in a new era of travel. We achieve this by providing cutting-edge hardware and innovative Mobility as a Service solutions. Our goal is to empower individuals and communities with convenient, sustainable, and efficient micro mobility options, enhancing urban mobility and shaping the future of transportation.

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As a leading MobiTech operating company, focused on Europe, UK & North America, we are seizing the opportunity in the mobility industry as a provider covering the entire value chain of purpose built Hardware and MaaS for our customer. We accomplish this by utilizing various company owned brands across focused verticals.

We solve meaningful business challenges with a sustainability focus through technology, hardware and operational expertise that can decrease the dependency on single occupancy vehicles.


We are proven founders, operators and builders. With over 15 years in the mobility sector, we are passionate and know the industry dynamics.

We are pioneers in MobiTech,

we build products and services that employ newly developed technologies to enhance and innovate across the mobility landscape.

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Our brands

Maas & Hardware

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Our Team

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Sean Flood


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Tommy Ashby

Director of


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Mike Fisher

Director of Manufacturing

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David Touwsma


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Pete Ballard

Chief of


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Dennis Peñate

Director of Sponsorships

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David Bothwell

Director of Maas

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Tiffany Bower

Director of

Customer Service

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Paul Messenger

Director of

Maas Operations

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Phil Hallstedt

Director of Business Partnerships

Contact us


77 Lower Camden Street, Dublin D02 XE80



433 Bishop Street Suite B1 Atlanta, GA 30318


Powering a new
era of travel

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